HipEvolution Calgary Fashion

Hipevolution is a company established in 2015. We are a unique trend setting clothing company created to keep you looking stylish while maintaining a cost effective budget. We are known for our awesome variety of onesies. We create custom onesies for swim groups, dance groups and also distribute CCR brand from California to clothing shops. The beautiful Chaser brand from Los Angeles is also available for purchase through us. Check out our site, we hope you will enjoy your experience!

HipEvolution has an ever revolving stock so be sure to check back regularily to find your favorite unique items at discount prices. We’ll be setting up our newsletter shortly, you’ll have custom e-mails sent weekly to your inbox featuring our newest items and promotions. Join the HipEvolution and find out why we’re going to take Calgary by storm.

Are you looking for a custom look for your event? Visit our customs section and see examples of some of the things we can create for you, we’re not sure but we may implement a style maker application on site if the need is high enough. Custom onesies and gear to fit your unique lifestyle, it doesn’t get better than that!

Click here to browse our CCR Brand fashion section, LA’s hottest brand.

Click here to browse our Chaser Brand section, “Raised on rock and roll, Chaser is a contemporary clothing line dedicated to the evolution of style.”


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